Spearheading Fulfilment Agility: Hear From OrderIn

OrderIn, one of South Africa’s top on-demand services share their insight and expertise at The Fulfilment Summit

OrderIn is the leading e-logistics platform in South Africa, providing end to end technology and last mile delivery to power the entire value chain of on demand commerce.

Starting from humble beginnings, the company has gone through rapid development and expansion over the last few years and now prides itself as a leader in the delivery sector.

What Will They Be Bringing To The Table?

Delivery has been rapidly transforming over the last few years, and OrderIn has been at the forefront of this movement driving change. The brand prides itself on spearheading innovation in the last-mile delivery sector.

Lately, OrderIn has been responsible for the roll-out of Pick n Pay Bottles as well as Scoot for extended services. They are looking forward to sharing their expertise and experiences in the industry at the virtual event.

Why Did They Join The Fulfilment Summit?

We have long believed that digitization of our economy was the next frontier in growth and opportunity for our country. However in order for this to be fully realized, we see a significant need to achieve 2 fundamental objectives. The first is knowledge and understanding of how e-commerce works; the second is access. Access to the best technology at the lowest possible cost to enable merchants and customers to find each other, faster and cheaper.

Events like these create an opportunity for us to contribute to the first challenge. We look forward to sharing our e-commerce insights and how the market is evolving. As well as some success stories we have been fortunate to support. 

What Is The Fulfilment Summit?

TFS is a part of the innovative ECOM20/20 series, which, by going virtual, offers partners and sponsors a strategic platform for lead generation across Africa. 
The event has a lot on offer which includes:

  • Virtual exhibition booths;
  • Virtual networking;
  • Contact swops;
  • Educational keynotes and panel discussions.

By bringing together companies like OrderIn, who have pioneered the fulfilment industry in South Africa, The Fulfilment Summit opens up discussion and growth in the industry.
OrderIn, will bring to the table their experiences and insights of fulfilment. What lessons did they learn? What challenges did they face? How did they overcome and succeed?

Register for the virtual event here, or contact us to speak or sponsor the event!

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