Kinetic’s Virtual Fulfilment Summit Welcomes Gold Sponsor, uAfrica

UAfrica, the specialists in smart shipping and multichannel product management will be joining TFS in May. 

They reinforced why it is so important for eCommerce companies to be a part of the event:

“eCommerce is growing rapidly everywhere in the world, and if there is ever a time to get involved, the time is now. Events like this give online merchants, eCommerce companies and entrepreneurs alike, a chance to network, learn and grow together as an industry. 

We believe that by arming people with knowledge and a strong support system, it is much easier to break the barrier and get up and running in the industry. Anyone can succeed in eCommerce with the right tools and the right partners in your corner – and that is what we are hoping to convey by taking part in these events”.

More About The Fulfilment Summit

The Fulfilment Summit is an exciting virtual one-day event that explores leading fulfilment strategies across path to purchase, pick, pack and delivery operations. TFS forms part of the innovative ECOM20/20 series and by going virtual offers partners and sponsors a strategic platform for lead generation across Africa. 

The Event has a lot on offer which include virtual exhibition booths; virtual networking; contact swops and educational keynotes and panel discussions.

The Fulfilment Summit brings together leaders from renowned brands, as well as the most innovative disruptors from local and African markets. 

Join leading experts sharing their stories of success, failure and journeys through the fulfilment cycle. By unpacking key learning lessons in the event, eCommerce players will be able to share valuable knowledge and key insights into the industry.

What Will Be Discussed?

The Fulfilment Summit sessions hit on all the key topics for the operations, ecommerce and executive teams:

  • Omnichannel Distribution;
  • Inventory Management;
  • Warehousing, Fulfilment & Packaging;
  • Shipping & Delivery;
  • International Expansion;
  • Customer Experience & Expectations;
  • Marketing, Ecommerce, Operations Communications;
  • Sourcing Talent & Hiring;
  • Peak Season Management;
  • Future Trends.

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